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Pichinku - TAWA Merino Silk

Pichinku - TAWA Merino Silk

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TAWA Merino Silk is a luxurious and soft yarn with a lovely sheen and beautiful drape for your special shawl and garment projects. 

Pichinku uses natural dyes from the Andes of Peru to create gorgeously hand dyed shades of color in beautiful tones.


Fiber Content: 70% merino wool / 30% mulberry silk

Weight: 3 ply sport-fingering 

Yardage: 100 grams - 436 yards - 400 meters (approx.) 

Needle Size: US 2-4 (2.75-3.5 mm) 


Care: Natural dyes fade beautifully with time and may run a bit when washed, but will retain their vibrancy with proper care. We recommend hand washing in cold water with a drop of pH neutral detergent and laying flat to dry away from direct sunlight.


Please note that colors will vary between computer-phone-tablet monitors and dye baths, and though we try our best to post color-accurate photos, variations should be anticipated. 

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