Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Fiber Circle Studio has such an incredible team here ready to help you! We believe in creating a safe space where all feel welcome. Each person on our team loves helping you find the right supplies for your next project while building meaningful and lasting connections!

Alisha - Owner/Creator/Instructor


Alisha discovered knitting at the age of 17 and knew instantly that it was what she was made for and immediately made connections at the local yarn stores, and even went and lived on a sheep farm for a few months. After 10 years of being fully immersed in the fiber community, she found herself starting Fiber Circle Studio! She enjoys knitting garments, weaving and spinning the most. Out of all the amazing things in the shop, she currently finds herself most drawn to the natural, earthy, locally grown yarns!

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Angie - Yarn Organizer and Helper, Admin Assistant, Newsletter Curator



Angie first dove into knitting about 15 years ago when on a whim she bought a copy of the book "Stitch 'N Bitch" by Debbie Stoller. Her first project was an enormous 2x2 rib scarf. Eventually, she built up her confidence enough to knit her very first sweater, which she still proudly wears to this day. She's passionate about learning everything she can about knitting, and enjoys (not without some occasional cursing) pushing her skills with each project. Her favorite project thus far is a hoodie for her son. Her favorite thing about the shop is that initial gasp she hears when a new customer crosses the threshold for the first time! In addition to knitting, Angie wants to learn how to weave, and improve her very basic crochet skills. When she isn't fondling yarn, she enjoys gardening, dancing, sourdough baking, and outdoor adventures with her family. 

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Maureen - Yarn Organizer and Helper, Class Registration Manager



Maureen is always a little embarrassed to admit that it took three tries (decades apart) to become a knitter. Both her grandma and her college roommate tried to teach her, but it did not really take hold until she took a class with a stranger about 15 years ago. She started her journey knitting and donating dozens of chemo caps, but has since moved on to knitting sweaters -- and sees no end in sight. She loves the creativity and stress-relief it affords. She admits she's not very good at crochet, but is committed to making a granny stripe blanket in the near(ish) future.  She's currently obsessed with the naturally-dyed yarns of Sincere Sheep and Pichinku, but her obsessions change with every new, colorful shipment that arrives. She absolutely loves helping people with their projects and encouraging new crafters to develop their skills, so say "hello" when you come in! When she's not knitting, Maureen is often tooling around on her bike, reading silly urban fantasy novels, or attempting to write another novel of her own!

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Anna - Yarn Organizer and Helper, Flower Arranger for our Gathering Table


Anna began her crafting life at the age of 5. When her Grandma discovered her under the dining room table with her good quilting thread constructing a spider’s web with the chair and table legs, she realized it might be time to show her what to do with some pointed sticks and hooks. Things just progressed from there. Her Grandma made sure to show her how to knit and crochet and eventually how to tat lace. After that, it was just a joy ride into weaving and spinning fiber. She likes the easy portability of a knitting project and can’t imagine traveling without something on needles to work on. One of her favorite things about Fiber Circle Studio is that moment when you see the light change in someone’s eyes as they discover their yarn. You watch them look into the future of the garment they have envisioned and see their creativity spark.

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DJ - Yarn Organizer and Helper, Weaver, Spinner

DJ learned to knit and crochet when she was 7. Her grandmother taught her the basics and it was a lost love for her. In the late 80s and early 90s DJ took classes at Santa Rosa Junior College and dove into the world of spinning, weaving, dying because of the inspiration of Lydia Van Gelder. DJ was a member of the Guild in Santa Rosa and loved all things fiber for a long time. After a life changing event she moved to Kaua'i and left all things fiber for some years. When she moved back to Sonoma County, DJ met up with some old friends, a few master knitters, and they have been knitting ever since. While most of her knitting is baby blankets and hats, scarves and shawls, she sees sweaters in her near future, returning to spinning and more weaving. DJ came to Fiber Circle Studio because the floor looms were calling.  Marta Shannon, a beloved teacher at Fiber Circle Studio, a weaving guild member, all around inspiration and beautiful weaving artist brought it all back for DJ. While DJ is still working out in the world as an Elder Consultant and Advocate, her heart is here. 

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Tania - Yarn Organizer and Helper, Crochet Instructor



Tania first learned crochet from her grandmother when she was 8 years old, but didn't put that skill to use until she was an adult. After the birth of her second kid in 2007 she was inspired by her friend, Rebecca, to learn knitting and she's never stopped since. As a crocheter, she is passionate about finding and creating modern and trendy crochet patterns. As a knitter, she generally sticks to quick and easy knits, but recently finished her first sweater and is itching to do another. When she's not working on a yarn project you can find her painting or trying to learn a new craft, but she can't go long without coming into the Studio and being inspired by the colors and textures, and squishing the yarn.


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Rebecca - Yarn Dyer and Fast Sample Knitter



Rebecca is a self-taught knitter and dyer. She took up the hobby of spinning which led her to learn to how to dye roving. After the spinning bug faded, she started dyeing yarn for sock and shawl projects. By trial and error she has developed techniques for semi-solid, speckles, variegated, self-stripes, sock blanks, gradients, and almost everything in between.  She is an obsessive sock knitter who loves finding patterns that show off different hand dyed yarns. 

Rebecca has been with Fiber Circle Studio since it opened. She started out teaching dyeing classes at the studio in Cotati. As the studio grew Rebecca and Alisha developed their own line of hand dyed yarn and have continued to dye and expand their line of yarns for FCS.