Fiber Circle Studio grew out of a knitter who wanted to explore all the fiber arts, but didn't have the tools, financial status or space to support such a journey.

She did work exchange on a farm in Washington State where she learned the basics of fiber processing, and spinning, which was only a taste of what the fiber world had to offer! 

After returning back home to Northern California, through support from fellow fiber artists, she was able to continue her journey through the fiber arts. She borrowed a spinning wheel, a floor loom, and was handed down a sewing machine. People in the community donated their time to help her learn the skills she sought.

She realized that she wasn't the only person who had an itch to learn and needed support from the community to help evolve in a creative journey, and the idea of Fiber Circle came to being in January of 2018.

After 3.5 years of amazing community unity through classes and membership, Fiber Circle Studio moved to Petaluma in July 2021 and expanded to offering a full scale yarn shop alongside the workshops and workspace.

Fiber Circle Studio exists to help the community in coming together to share and learn hands on skills focused in the fiber arts.


alisha bright and sons

Alisha discovered knitting in her late teens during a time of hardship and in search for her identity as a young woman. The moment she embarked on her first project, she realized that this is what she was made for.

She became involved with a few of the local yarn shops and wandered off to live on a farm for a few months where she learned about fiber processing, spinning, and self-sustainability. Upon her return to Sonoma County, she began the Master's Hand Knitting Program through TKGA, and resumed teaching knitting classes at her local yarn shop. By 2018, her dreams of having a community space where there was support, sharing of knowledge and fiber art tools and equipment, developed into the opening of Fiber Circle Studio, now located in downtown Petaluma.

She lives in Petaluma and spends her time fiber-making, teaching knitting, spinning and dyeing, and mothering her awesome sons, Leland + Dominic!



Photo Credit: Jonathan Kirker