Community Stash Sale!

May 17 - 19, 2024

community yarn stash sale petaluma california


Welcome to our Community Stash Sale - a marketplace for buying and selling un-used yarn and lightly used needles/hooks we once loved, and are ready to re-home to hopefully be transformed into a project! 

 These items will be available to purchase IN STORE only, however if you see something we market on social media or in a newsletter and it's available, we're happy to ship! 

Please read ALL the information below before making your appointment and submitting paperwork.

Please note that any sales made will be paid out in either store credit, or donated to our scholarship fund for workshops. This is not a cash out event.

What's Accepted
  • Yarn can be all natural fiber, or blended with synthetic.
  • Yarns must be un-used, but can be in original form or caked.
  • Yarns MUST have the original label!!
  • Circular Knitting Needles in either metal or wood
  • Wooden straight knitting needles (as a pair. no single needles looking to mingle, sorry).
  • Crochet Hooks
  • Not sure? Bring it in and let us decide! 
What's NOT Accepted
  • Eyelash, boucle or novelty yarns.
  • Yarns without labels
  • Partial skeins. If it's meant to be a 25 or 50gram skein that's okay! Just nothing that's been used.
  • Straight METAL knitting needles
How to Submit
  • Go through stash and pick out items that match what's accpeted (see above).
  • Download, and fill out forms BEFORE your appointment, even if you aren't sure if your items will be accepted. Forms can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Make an appointment using our online calendar. 
  • Please note items are selected based on quality, yarn trends, etc. and not all items are accepted. 

The Deets

  • We take submissions based on making an appointment on our online calendar. We will not accept walk-ins. If there are no bookings listed, we are FULL and no longer taking submissions.
  • We will accept yarn, needles and crochet hooks.
  • Check submitted yarns for any signs of moths (broken yarn, grit and debris, dead moths, eggs). 
  • Place all yarn in either sealed bags or bins. Loose yarn not properly sealed will not be accepted. If you bring in a bin, please label it with your first and last name and phone number.
  • Fiber Circle Studio sets the retail price (see pricing structure below). 
  • Any sales made will be paid out in store credit in the form of a digital gift certficate that can be used towards classes, products or membership.
  • If you don't want store credit, you can opt to have your earnings donated to the start of our workshop scholarship fund that will launch in 2024.

If the items don't sell by the end of the event sale, they need to picked up no later than May 23, or it will be donated to The Legacy - a non-profit organization in Sebastopol, California for thrifting craft supplies! We will not be holding on to any remaining yarn post event.

    Price Categories 
    (listed below are the retail prices which are split with seller - see above. Prices are general, and are subject to change).
    • 50 gram basic quality - natural blend with synthetic, or is a basic, natural fiber $4
    • 50 gram medium quality - nicer fibers, merinos, wools, cottons, alpaca $8
    • 50 gram high quality - cashmere, yak, silks $16
    • 100 gram basic quality - natural blend with synthetic, or is a basic, natural fiber $8
    • 100 gram medium quality - nicer fibers, merinos, wools, cottons, alpaca $16
    • 100 gram high quality - cashmere, yak, silks $32
    • Knitting Needles - $6
    • Crochet Hooks - $3






    Forms must be filled out PRIOR to your appointment, even if you're not sure which items will be accepted.