Community Fiber Equipment - Classifieds

Looking to buy/sell used fiber equipment? 

Welcome to our Community Classifieds where we help rehome used looms, spinning wheels, tools, etc. 

We offer three ways to help you rehome your equipment:

1. You handle all communication with the buyer and conduct the transaction. You'll need to notify us by e-mail when it finds a new home so we can remove the listing from the website. $20 administration fee.

2.  Fiber Circle Studio handles all the communication with the buyer and completes the transaction. The shop will be the location of the transaction and we will communicate with you to find a time to have it dropped off once there is a buyer. We can not store the equipment prior to having a committed buyer. We have a size limit for items for this option. 50% of sale.

3. For free items, we're happy to post a listing on our private Facebook group for local fiber artists. 


What you need to provide us with:

It's ideal if all of this information is listed on one single page such as a PDF or Googledoc/Word document. 

1. Clear photos of items.

2. Description of everything included.

3. Condition of items

4. Price.

5. Best contact and location of items IF NOT using Fiber Circle Studio as the intermediary. 





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