We Moved to Petaluma!

yarn shop petaluma

In 2018, after two years of dedicated and passionate research, building relationships in the community, spreading word about my vision and creating my dream space, Fiber Circle Studio first came to life.

When I first opened the studio, my vision was focused solely on offering a space for workshops and workspace in the fiber arts -a place for you to explore weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting and all things fiber. As the studio evolved, I began dyeing yarn with my friend and colleague, Rebecca. This marked the start of the studio's retail shop.

When Covid hit and all classes and usage of the studio came to a halt, this small retail component kept Fiber Circle Studio alive. And it grew, as I incorporated other local makers and yarn producers. 

Now the vision has evolved - a space where you can explore the fiber arts through workshops and workspace, and indulge in a full scale shop filled with specialty yarns, fibers, notions and locally made goods. 

A Makerspace and Marketplace for all things fiber! 

The new space is 2500 square feet, nestled in the heart of downtown Petaluma on Kentucky Street. The front half of the space is lined with specialty yarns - many produced by my friends! The back half filled with weaving looms, spinning wheels, carding machines, a classroom and dye space!

Thank you for the endless support... the words of kindness and encouragement. It's a new feeling for me to be filled with so much love, that I'm positively overwhelmed. Thank you for helping me successfully bring my passion into the community! 

With love and gratitude,


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