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Hike & Knit 2023

Hike & Knit 2023

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Join us for a monthly hike in Northern California. Each month we'll be exploring a new place! 


What to Expect

  • Most hikes will be beginner to intermediate and we will hike at a medium pace. 
  • Most hikes will have some incline and be on dirt, or uneven ground. Make sure you're stable on your feet, with some endurance. 
  • Most hikes are approximately 2 hours, some longer, some shorter.
  • All hikes are FREE, however some locations require a parking fee! 
  • Review the list to find out level and duration of the hike.
  • We'll release the next quarter of hikes 2 months before the first hike.

What to Bring

A project of course!

Money for parking. Although most places accept a credit card nowadays, some don't, or some machines are down, so always bring cash! We recommend a $10 bill AND an assortment of $5's and $1's.


Snack or lunch

Sunhat or warm hat depending on weather.

Wear Layers



Card in your backpack with an emergency contact list in case anything happens.

Any medications you may need (ie: for asthma, diabetes, etc).


How to Participate

  • RSVP here on the website OR on our group Facebook page
  • Stay tuned on the Facebook page for updates on weather, meeting locations, etc. Updates WILL NOT be sent here or by e-mail. If you don't have a facebook account, contact us separately so we can make sure to get you pertinent info.
  • Let us know if you RSVP'd but can't make it so we don't wait for you.


  • January 29 | Helen Putnam, Petaluma | Easy to Intermediate | 1.5 hours | 2 - 3 miles
  • February 26 | Bear Valley, Pt Reyes | Intermediate | 3.5 hours (steep parts) | 4 - 5 miles
  • March 26 | Suttonfield Lake, Glen Ellen | Easy to Intermediate | 1.5 hours | 2 - 3 miles
  • April 23 | Sugarloaf Ridge, Kenwood | Easy to Intermediate | 1.5 hours (steep parts/stairs, but short distance) | 1 mile

These are simply local hikes that I am helping organize for like minded people to get outside and make friends! I am not a professional trail guide, and have no formal training with leading outdoor groups. Please come with the intention to simply enjoy company and nature. 

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